Job Application - Future Systems, Inc.

Job Posting OPEN

Client Service Rep

This is an application for a Client Service Rep within our organization.

Client Service Representative summary:

  • Responsible for accurately keying client Payroll and Payroll-related information 
  • Ensures that data submitted by client reconciles to data keyed by review and comparing control totals
  • May be required to key Employee Master File and payroll information from conversion files
  • Will service and support clients in all aspects of their payroll process from quality assurance procedures for ensuring accurate data entry or importing, running special processes, correcting master file information, and other related issues
  • Will work with clients and co-workers towards automating the data entry process as much as possible through the use of Excel spreadsheets or remote data entry
  • Handle customer service calls
  • May be required to assist other Data Entry co-workers and/or contact clients by telephone to reconcile discrepancies between control totals provided and information keyed or to ask for additional information as may be required from time to time